Established in 2018 and founded by Chad Branson who developed the idea while undergoing a rehabilitation program in Calistoga California. Sorting through his life choices and having to face the consequences of his own actions, he found restitution in the world of health and fitness. It was the one thing that kept him focused and gave him a place of clarity. In a life style full of chaos  and uncertainty, the one thing that remained honest was the number on the weights and its measure of strength. Stepping in to the gym became his hollowed ground and where he was reborn.

To a lot of us, the gym is a sacred place. A place where anyone who enters becomes equally measured as everyone else. Talk is cheap, and the only words that hold value are spoken through sweat and written in blood.

      Creating clothes comfortable to move and work hard in, complimented with gear to help push you passed your natural ability is his way of giving back to the one thing that may have saved his life, and help spread his message to those who are in search of something higher than themselves.

      In a company of wolves, the Alpha only retains his position in the pack by triumphing over conflict, displaying leadership and defeating any one who challenges his path.

      Such is the concept of what we as people face every day. The Alpha Wolf symbolizes the choice we make of our self when facing the struggles of life.  Whether its motivation, addiction, depression, self-conflict or self-doubt. The Laurel Wreath surrounding our logo represents triumph and victory. It all comes down to our choice of who we decide to be, and how we decide to defeat our adversities.

      Every time you rep our gear our hope is that it is a reminder that you too are an Alpha. You too are a conqueror. You are the king of your domain. We want to see you stand with a purpose. Walk with a prowl. Speak only in facts. Look every one in the eye, and make sure they know. You’re here on business, and you’re not leaving until all debts are paid.

      Rather than using his story to humanize the brand, our mission is to set out to use this brand to symbolize his story and pave a path for those who might relate. Those who need a reminder that you are not a nobody. You’re somebody that just doesn’t know it yet. When you become part of our team you are imprinted in to the AlphaWolf family. We are a company by the people, for the people. Here to serve and provide the highest quality out there. We stand by our product and our athletes.

 Our product is a direct reflection of our team’s 4 core values.

  • Quality Always – Not Just in our product, but in everything we do
  • Integrity – Uncompromising Standards and products built to last
  • Service Leadership – Leading service quality, professionalism and responsiveness
  • Innovation – We are a living company, constantly growing and making room for Improvement

      Here at Alpha Wolf, we want more than just your business. We want to be a part of your journey. Whether it be at a Championship competitive level or to maintain your overall health and performance, we want to be right there with you. Our promise is to work just as hard as you do. If you have the quality mindset of a champion, we want to provide you with the tools you need to become just that.

Unleash your potential. Sharpen you claws. Show your teeth. Become an Alpha.

Welcome to the Pack.